Carolina Escobar – Dev-log # 5

Continuing Revisions

This week, there is a big focus on completing one or two of the environments I started 2 weeks ago. I’ve been stuck on this first one for a while, making different quality and style adjustments. The revisions are beginning to affect the time I have to work on the other environments, but luckily, the dates have been suspended until I get this one done perfectly. I’m thankful to be in a position where people are so patient with me and generous to give me helpful resources. I only wish that I didn’t have to take up so much time with this one environment.

Environment Revision Documentation

From here I was told to make it less painterly, use cleaner lines, and reduce the number of colors on individual objects to get a cell shaded feel.

From here, I was told to use vector lines and to change some colors around to make it make sense with the direction of light.

Final revision with variants. More work on this piece may come in the future, but for now I will be  pivoting my focus to environment assets for the game so I may get more used to the style.

This Week’s Media

Sadly, the Dark Souls III servers came back up for about a month before being removed again. Luckily though, Dark Souls II has finally returned in its place! I have not really played this game yet because of meme reasons, but I did promise some friends to play it with them if it ever returned. Now that its back, my friends and I can live our dream of playing Dark Souls II. When the servers for the other games will be back is still unclear, as Bandai Namco announced that they will no longer be supporting network access for Dark Souls; Prepare to Die Edition. Unrelated, but this trailer looks amazing and is some of the best animation and effects I have ever seen. 

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