Jordan Freifeld Dev log week 5

Current Week

This week was more of the same. I didn’t gain any new responsibilities. I followed and unfollowed people tweepi recommended, and scheduled posts on Later for Rosset and monochrome. I also replied to 25 accounts on the Rosset account each day. out those accounts each day a lot of them would either respond back or like our posts. We gained some followers as well.

Next Week

For next week I’m going add the people I reply to lists of indie devs. I also have to interview two people for Rosset playtesting. I’ve got two family members who filled out the forum though I’ve never used air table so I’m not sure where to find their responses.

This week’s media Pokemon Go app

For some reason, Pokemon go loves to put on the best events at the times of the year when it’s so cold in half the world or super hot. Love it for daily walks and personally use it as a fidget. It’s also great to meet the local community and explore your surroundings.

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