Normal Game Theme Assets Progress

This week, I did a lot of cool work going through the current assets in the Rosett Playtest and checking of the list on Coda. The coda format is a really nice, digestible way to communicate what needs to be done and what is completed. It’s a list that can be checked off and the completion marks are shared with the entire team. Even though I had to start the process of wading through the list, it was a really nice way to see how much the teams before me had accomplished and how we still have a ways to go.

Above are some of the assets that were not created prior to me updating the list. I tried sticking with the vibe of Rosett as much as possible without having all the items be too homogenized or boring. I think I did a good job ranging the silhouettes and sticking close to the game’s existing style. It may be possible that I’ll need to adjust colors for the sake of atmosphere, though.

Smaller Assets

I also worked on some various ground texture assets that are to be repeated and add variation to the world’s map. These were also on the list of assets that need creation so I thought I would include them here. I am still awaiting feedback so that I may correct them and move forward with the Fantasy theme elements! So exciting.

Missed Asset

I was not able to start the third building asset for the base level of Rosett. I will likely finish it by Monday next week, but there is the added stipulation that it needs to be animatable. I will do my best to come up with a creative asset with an animated feature that fits the normal theme of the first level. Stay posted.

This Week's Media

My friend bought me a copy of Nioh! He knows that I love challenging games with amazing combat so he suggested this one to me. It looks really cool but I haven’t really found the time to play it just yet. I would love to hear some thoughts about this game from any peers who have already played it.

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