Last Week

I worked on creating my own workspace in Rosett, as well as the mine dropper follower! This meant that I needed to copy each already-existing scene into my own folder, while also editing these duplicated scenes to function in their new setting! After configuring each new scene, I was able to add my own new follower; the mine dropper! Ultimately, I used the “warrior” class as a base, adjusting the projectile death timers as well as adding a new script trigger to register players/bullets that enter the “mine” area.

A shot of my Unity work!

This Week

I’ve been drafting a tutorial for Rosett!

A shot of the starting area (for now)

So far, I have the start of the scene put together! I’ve been grappling with making barriers so that the player is limited as they move through the environment. A lot of the trouble I have been facing hinges on working in 2.5D. Since the game is not completely 2D, finding accurate tutorials that help me with specific interactions, like running into barriers, has been difficult! Furthermore, I have a slight learning curve, as I am still not very familiar with Rosett’s unity project. I am at the point where I can pick apart certain aspects of the project, like the multiplayer server creator or the scene loaders, but not yet aware enough to know how to spawn players in. After I work through boundaries, I’ll move on to making the signs interactable, as well as writing text to click through!

Here’s the button I made to transition into this scene!

right now, this button takes the player from the main menu to my incomplete tutorial scene.

I also edited the airtable interview rows for Rosett to reflect their respective interviews! The fiverr/colin interviews have been updated accordingly.

Media This Week

Dead by Daylight just announced their newest killer!

I could not be more excited!! Looking at gameplay, his mechanics seem really unique and interesting to work around! I usually play survivor, so it has been some time since I was this genuinely excited to try killer. He is available on the Public Test Build for the game, I have it downloaded and will likely try him as soon as I have the time to play!

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