Current Week

This week was more of the same. I followed and unfollowed people tweeps recommended, and scheduled posts on Later for Rosset and monochrome. I also replied to 25 accounts on the Rosset account each day. out those accounts each day a lot of them would either respond back or like our posts. We gained some followers as well. One of my new responsibility was to put the people I replied to on a list. I think this definitely increased the number of followers we gain. One thing that confused me is that we have lists for devs and indie dev but that’s it I usually just put artists I responded to into the dev section since it wasn’t specifically a game dev list from the title.

Next Week

Next week I’m going to learn how to turn these people that follow our accounts into playtesters for Rosett. I’ll learn how to do this at the next meeting. I’ve already had the plan and expected flow laid out for me I just need to discuss specifics with my supervisor.

This week’s media Bochi The Rock! Anime

Bochi The Rock! is a music anime about a socially anxious guitar player joining a band and learning how to make friends. I found it to be a fun watch and it might relate to some people out there. Only 4 episodes are out right now so if you want to binge I would wait.

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