Dev-log #7 – Carolina Escobar

Asset Creation- End of Normal Assets

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I have been working on assets pertaining to the realistic, normal-themed assets of Rosett. This involved the creation of a lot of flora, particularly grass and trees. While it was a fun experiment in practicing the Rosett artstyle, it could be very difficult for me to capture the right colors and moods for the individual assets. While this remained the case for the trees and grass, I had an especially difficult time finding the right style for the final asset- the animated building.

This is the most up-to-date version of the building after several extremely necessary revisions. It’s still not perfect, but it is closer to the image and feel of the game than previous iterations. It is one thing creating assets that are meant to be organic and loose- there is a lot of room for mistake and any inconsistencies can usually be attributed to it just being the visuals of that plant. For buildings, there’s a lot more pressure to get it regionally, architecturally, and contextually accurate. I’ll probably have to keep making revisions in the future to this asset, but overall I like the design of it.

Fantasy Assets- START

I don’t think there have been any fantasy assets completed for Rosett yet so this is very exciting. The list is much longer than the previous one and there was not a single object marked off for completion before I started working. Regardless, I decided to start simply with some grass and flower assets, just to see how my thought process and ideas have changed from the more “realistic” assets. 

Not gonna lie, I really love the colors and vibes for all of these! I have yet to receive any feedback so any pending changes will be discussed and updated in the future. I made a mood board as a way of gathering inspiration, so I’ll include that here too. I am super excited to keep making these!

This Week’s Media

So, I am a huge Bob’s Burgers fan (random, I know), but it is a show that I find a lot of comfort and satisfaction from watching. The characters are all charming and funny and this show just has some of my favorite humor ever! Season 13 has slowly been getting episodes on Hulu and I have been watching them as they release. I am always so pleased to see the new plots and stories of each character and how the show does not take anything too seriously. It’s a really nice thing to watch while working or if you need a brain break. 

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