Last Week

I started to feel really sick over the weekend! I took some time off to take care of myself, and have made very little progress in Rosett as a result. My last conversation with Vince regarding my work gave me an outline of what I needed to do in the tutorial scene I am creating, as well as what scripts I need to reference from other parts of the project. My main issue with the tutorial scene right now is getting the player to appear when we enter the tutorial. This has been giving me trouble because of the utility we use for our servers, Photon. In order to spawn the player, I need to set up an online room, and then create a script for the player to appear. I also need this room I create to be a random, not already active room.

This Week

I’m just starting to kick my weekend-sickness! I do not feel well yet, but I feel more capable of getting some work now. I am going to resume on my tutorial scene, as well as pick up on any other Rosett-tasks Vince has for me.


I haven’t really been consuming a great deal of media this week! If I had to choose something I was excited for though, I would probably talk about this game.

It’s a medieval zombie game! Though not usually my genre, I love the premise! I’m really excited to potentially try it when it comes out!

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