Week 6 or 7? Wow, already?

The Past Week

Man is it hard to keep track of time recently haha.  Not much went on last week. I thought I was going to go up North to teach some kids about Unity. Unfortunately because the fingerprinting would take too long to be processed I was unable to go up.
Outside of that, I was shaping some rocks up to be more high poly. I got really annoyed with blender and moved back over to maya just to do the base blockout of the model. I found some free Blender brushes that would help sculpt the rocks and used that and it was looking pretty good.

This Week and future progress

Vin told me how the rocks should’ve been low poly with high res textures so I have to grab the base models again. I’m going to just shape up the arena itself since the rocks surrounding the place will be far in the background. I’ll figure out a water sim and find some textures and figure how to use Blender’s renderer. The very least, water, rocks, arena are being knocked out and figuring out how to have some solid textures come next.


A lot of things are dropping this week. My roommate is going to play GoW Ragnarok non stop for sure so I told him to always have his headphones in and not say a word cause I don’t want to hear it haha. 
Also Wakanda Forever is dropping theaters too. Somehow I feel like there would be so much squandered potential because these recent Marvel stuff have been incredibly shallow.

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