Carolina Escobar – Dev-log #8

Fantasy Art Assets Continued

Similarly to last week, I continued to progress through the list of assets needed for the fantasy prototype of Rosett. I am very proud of the vibes, color scheme, and quality of the art so far so I’ll be sure to include all of it here. Otherwise, I did not receive too much feedback, so as far as I am concerned, these assets are pretty much complete! I’m very happy with my work thus far and I am excited to present it in my portfolios. 

Next Week

Much like this week and last week, I assume a lot of next week’s work will just be continuing to move through the list and wrap up the fantasy prototype assets! I was told that other artists would hopefully help me complete it so I am very much looking forward to their input. This is definitely my favorite assignment thus far and I am so happy to watch all of my work come together like this. Otherwise, I was told I’d be put in charge of more brand-creation assets, which seems like a big step up from prototype game assets.

This Week’s Media

My friend bought Sonic Frontiers recently! I have never been one to keep around the hype for new sonic games, but I heard a lot of really good things about frontiers. An open-world sonic game almost seemed fantasy when the game was first announced and like the cynic I am, I really didn’t pay too much attention to this game. However, I watched my friend play through the first few levels of the game and I admit I am very impressed! It looks like a lot of fun and I hope to buy it for myself in the future too. Good to see Sonic Team taking a step in the right direction!

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