Current Week

This week was business as usual. I followed and unfollowed people tweeps recommended, and scheduled posts on Later for Rosset and monochrome. I also replied to 25 accounts on the Rosset account each day. out those accounts each day a lot of them would either respond back or like our posts and add them to one of 3 lists. I think this definitely increased the number of followers we gain.

I’ve conducted 1 interview so far. It went well. I also wrote up a 2 page paper on my thoughts on the Rosett GDD. I also continue to use Mastodon personally to prepare for if or when Rosett gets a Mastodon account.

Next Week

As far as I know, I will be doing more of the same. I’ll ask my supervisor at our next meeting to make sure I have no new responsibilities. I am planning on having another interview before the break if everything works out with them.

This week’s media Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was nominated for GOTY recently so I’m taking the time to recommend the series in general.

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