Jordan Freifeld devlog 9

Current Week

This current week was pretty much just more of the usual work. Since we’re just getting back from break there isn’t really any new work for this week. We are working on transitioning to using mastodon.

Next Week

As far as I know, I will be doing more of the same. I’ll ask my supervisor at our next meeting to make sure I have no new responsibilities in regard to social media. I will be working with Serena on the language doc over the next week.

This Week’s Media Pokemon Scarlet / Violet

This is probably what took up most of my time over break. Even though it has its issues, mainly performance and lack of appropriate level scaling being my main 2 issues, I still enjoy my time with the game. The evil team content was the least interesting part and the lack of level scaling meant that my habit of catching every new dex entry led me to have a stage 2 starter before even attending school so the rest of the game was a breeze.

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