Dev-log #10 – Carolina Escobar

Brandwork Continuation

For this week, there was a continuing push to keep working on the brand material and format a proper design document with the materials I made. This includes creating a color palette, finding potential fonts that could represent The Village, and using the constructed logos from the week before as our brand imagery. The main concern with fonts is that there is a chance it may need to be licensed from the owner or may only be authorized for personal use. Other than that, I think I found some compelling color palettes, fonts, and imagery that could have a lot of potential with more refining. 


I think all of these fonts have a good potential to represent The Village brand. They are all tasteful, yet creative and fun. I wanted the fonts to be welcoming to interested parties, but not silly enough to ward off professionals. Personally, I think the Dilo World font is the strongest, but there is a potential that the licensing agreement may not be compatible to what we may need. In addition, while I like the arco font it is the same font being used for the Monochrome branding and may confuse the two. 

Design Document Passes

I am very new to this kind of design work and I think it is painfully obvious in this first pass. While it accomplishes most of what it is supposed to do, there is definitely some work to be done on the formatting. In addition, the color palette section was done incorrectly and the color treatment on the far left is a bit underwhelming. I was able to fix some of these issues in the second pass.

I think the minor adjustments with this pass compared to the second is really impactful, however small. The color palette section is fixed with the colors against black and white instead of black and white overlaid on the colors. I think I did a nice job arranging the section, too. I also like the image treatments here, but I think I should try to emulate those from the base document provided by Vince for more variety. Other than that, I don’t like the vibes of the alternate logo section and believe it could use some work.


I’m watching Breaking Bad! I watched Better Call Saul first and loved it so I decided to go back and watch the series you’re supposed to see first. While I like Saul more, this show does live up to all the hype and I really don’t think I have to recommend it. I’m just late to the party.

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