Current Week

This current week was quite different. Due to an issue, a payment for tweepi didn’t go through and now we only have the regular version. Since Tweepi isn’t making us money we decided to not focus on it for the time being and instead shift to just posting and replying to posts. I also worked on the language document draft with Serena which didn’t take too long.

Next Week

As far as I know, I will be doing more of the same. I’ll ask my supervisor at our next meeting to make sure I have no new responsibilities in regard to social media. I’ve been told after the next holiday break we will start transitioning to mastodon. I’ll also work with Serena to make corrections to the language document before the final draft is due.

This Week’s Media Distractilble Podcast

Distractible is a podcast hosted by Markiplier (Mark) and his friends Muyskerm (Bob) and Lordminion777 (Wade). The premise is simple each week they discuss a topic chosen by the host while the other 2 compete to be the next host. Podcasts in general got me through finals week crunch and all-nighters and this was my favorite one.

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