Dev Log #10 – Liza Tcaturian

Last Week

Last week, I continued working on the code to destroy Quest HUD from DoNotDestroyOnLoad scene when needed. Although it worked, we later figured that the entire Quest Machine can be deleted from the scene and that did the same job without the code. This was still a fun experience and an interesting task to work on.

This Week

I moved on to two new tasks. One of them was to fix the walking path Otto takes to get to the tv after talking to the icebox during the icebox quest. Because the background and some objects got changed, the tv now was in a different location but Otto still had to do the same walk. This made Otto move diagonally and there is no animation for this case. So I had to break down the path into multiple components consisting of linear movements that would only need to involve right, left, downward, and upward directions. After quickly tackling this task, I got another coding task. This time it is to make a script that will have Gazer from GreyshadeValley follow Otto around. So far, I’ve been just researching through unity manual and youtube tutorial to gather the right information for me to write this script. Hopefully I can get this done before the end of next week.


Haven’t watched anything substantial this week. Once I ran out of Wednesday episodes, I’m out of shows to watch once again. So my week consisted of youtube, tiktok, and following up with the world cup updates. By the way, gamers! New goat simulator came out! Hilarious. Check it out. 

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