Current Week

This current week was more of the same. I continue to schedule posts every day and reply to people on Twitter and add them to lists. I also worked on the language document, landing page, and village exports with Serena which didn’t take too long. I also recorded some gameplay of Monochrome’s demo to use for advertising.

Next Week

As far as I know, I will be doing more of the same. I’ll ask my supervisor at our next meeting to make sure I have no new responsibilities in regard to social media. I’ve been told that soon I’m going to start focusing less on Twitter posting with the transition to mastodon. I was told that soon I will only post on wishlist Wednesday, follow Friday, and screenshot Saturday and Sunday. I’m not sure when this goes into effect so I’ll just keep posting every day until I am told to stop. I also have to edit and splice the gameplay footage to meet twitters video requirements. I also wish to rerecord some sections when I have the time.

This Week’s Media Go My Favorite Sports Team Podcast/ youtube channel

Another Podcast featuring Mark and his friend Tyler is a podcast that talks about sports. Mark is the uneducated one while Tyler has a master’s degree in the subject. It’s a good podcast to listen to no matter your knowledge of sports. I myself am not a fan of sports but still enjoy the podcast and have found their discussions interesting due to their dynamic.

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