Last Week

Last week we just returned from break. So, it mostly involved catching up with where I left off. I continued working on the follow script that allows one character follow another. In this case, it’s used to have an NPC (Gazer) follow the player (Otto).

This Week

The follow script is finally done. What’s happing is I first find the distance between the positions of the two characters and make it into a vector. This is done to later extract the x and y components that can be used to determine which direction the NPC needs to face and whether the characters are in active motion. Based on these two criteria, the appropriate animation is set for the NPC.


I’ve been playing through a game on switch called “The Last Campfire”. It’s an adventure-style game with amazing art and a captivating story that unravels as you progress through the game and solve puzzles. Highly recommend it if you like chill games that will also make you think. Just chill is an option too as you can easily choose explore mode and enjoy the play without any puzzles.

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