Last Week

I finished writing the script for Gazer to be able to follow Otto around. It was especially fun playing around with math and vectors. I hope to work on more tasks like that further on.  

This Week

This week’s goal was to use different techniques to minimize the size of the build app. The target to experiment with was a background game object. For comparison, I made two different builds. One with the original background and already in the hierarchy of its scene. The other is where the background game object is removed from the scene and changed to a prefab. It would be implemented by adding an asset bundle loader that loads the background prefab into the scene. So far, the prefab method proves to reduce the build size but not by a significant amount. Further testing will be done.


I discovered that Hollow Knight game is on Nintendo switch and couldn’t be happier. It is by far one of the favorite games I played on steam. I’m very excited to see how it  runs on switch. It’s a fun action-adventure game where you battle different creatures that all vary by difficulty; some can be quite annoying to defeat but worth the sweat! 

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