Dev Log #1 – Ellie Sear

Last Week

This has been my first week as an intern at DVNC, which has been really exciting! There’s been lots to learn, and lots of onboarding and set-up that we needed to establish and understand. I really enjoyed learning about DVNC’s task management system, which is a work to-do list in a video game type of format. As someone who loves to stay organized this was really appealing for me and I’ve been excited to implement it into my work routines.


This week there has been more actual work to be done. I’ve been working on developing a demon character for DVNC’s monster office lineup, which is something I’ve had a lot of fun doing. It combines my interests in character design and fashion. 

I’m also working on outfits for some of the already existing monsters, which has been a good exercise. As a fashion design major, I’m always happy to draw and design clothes.

I’m also working on designing some furniture for the monster office, which also appeals to my love of interior design. I’m glad I’m able to explore a lot of different areas of design.

Media Share

This past week a new teaser for the upcoming Barbie movie released, which I am beyond excited to see! 

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