Dev Log #2 – Zakiyah Simmons


This week was more of the same. I continued to familiarize myself with Blender. I finished up donut and coffee cup, animated it, and even got to play around with the lighting. I love getting to mess around with lighting in different softwares because absolutely adore light and color. The way colors mix and finding different interesting ways to light a subject, even if the subject is food, is super fun for me.

I also started messing around with green screen keying. The screenshot above was from my first pass, but I cleaned up the footage even more after this. Green screen keying in Blender was definitely something completely new to me, but getting to mess around and see how things look and work was definitely the best way to learn.

Premiere Time (but still Blender)

This upcoming week I’ll be cleaning up actual footage. Cleaning up footage consist of color grading then converting to an MP4. The color grading and conversion processes shouldn’t take me long but it is nice to be working in Premiere a little more. I’m super familiar with Premiere and use it all the time so a lot of work in that isn’t super daunting.

After that I’ll be taking the footage into blender to do green screen keying once again. I’m looking forward to continuing to work on my keying process and tightening things up. My main focus for this week seems to be the videos of the Jersey 4. I also have footage from a group called the Awesome 3 but I think they’ll be my focus the week after.

Binging A New Show

This week I started “The Company You Keep” with my mom. We watched all but 2 episodes of the first season, one of which dropped as we were catching up. The show is about a con man and a CIA agent who fall in love. For obvious reasons, they can’t talk about their careers and there’s a lot of secrets between the two of them.

There’s a lot of drama regarding their relationship in general but that isn’t the best part. Her focus in the CIA leads her to actively investigating him and his family without knowing, because they work for the crime family that was her focus. The con artist family that he’s in is full of a bunch of fun characters and her best friend/partner at work is hilarious. I have fallen in love with this show. 

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