Dev-Log #2 – Adriana Vasquez

Last Week Recap

After a lovely Easter spent at home with my family, I was ready to take on my second week of the coop. Thankfully, last week ran similarly to my first week at DVNC as I picked up where I left off and continued my playthrough of Monochrome. However, this time my playthrough consisted more of me fixing bugs ranging from minor to game-breaking. I was shown through the process of fixing each of the major bugs I found in order to make sure I was comfortable with navigating Unity. 

Obviously, I continue to be far from master-level understanding, but I will say the program no longer feels as overwhelming as it did the first week, which is progress! As I move on to this upcoming week, I look forward to learning more about Unity and growing my understanding of the program.

Upcoming Work

Now that both myself and the other programming co-op have been fully onboarded and introduced to Unity, I have finally been tasked with taking on some minor bug fixes. Currently, I am working on updating the Queenie bout from the old UI to the current UI. I also am fixing some timeline issues that caused the joke answers to remain on screen. 

I hope that as soon as I finish making those corrections, I can start trying to fix a bug with the joke buttons that I noticed during my original playthrough. However, that’s assuming I’ll have time, as I assume I will have other tasks to complete after I finish fixing that initial Queenie bout bug.

Media Share

Personally, I have never been the type to enjoy long videos. If it’s longer than 30 minutes, and I can’t busy myself with chores or crocheting, then it’s lost my attention. However, when I say this video had me ENTHRALLED. I love Jaiden – I’ve been subscribed to her for years, but nothing has captured my attention like this video. The reviews of the Pokémon plushies are just so perfect and so right that I found myself glued to my desk chair throughout the entire hour-and-a-half-long video. 

Consider me influenced because, after the video, I ran to the Pokémon Center website to snatch one of those guys up, and was promptly blocked from the site. However, such is life, and I still could not recommend this video more, especially if you love Pokémon. Just ignore the time passing and get lost in cute Gen 5 plushies!!

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