Dev Log #3 – Zakiyah Simmons


This week was all things greenscreen keying for me! I got 11 different files, 5 Jersey 4 videos and 6 Awesome 3 videos and have a list of things to do with them. First, I color graded all of the videos. The Jersey 4 videos were my real focus for this week, but I still wanted to get color grading out of the way since it was something I could do quickly.

After that I began to key the dance videos for the Jersey 4. I got through 3/4 solo videos doing only two passes on the clips. I ended up with really clean, color corrected, versions of the footage. From there I also rendered out low res versions of the footage. I had to troubleshoot to get to the low res version. The solution I ended on was using the movie editor in Blender to open the original render then rendering at 25% from there. 

Unfortunately that wasn’t my biggest issue this week. In the green screen footage one of the dancers is wearing a sweater that has yellow in it, something the regular keying process didn’t take well to. After a lot of fight, the solution that worked out to fix that was to make another mask for the shirt and plug it into the core matte.

Keying 2.0

This upcoming week I’ll be doing A LOT more keying. In addition to having to key the Awesome 3 dance footage, I will be fixing the yellow top in the two other files. This means that a good chunk of my time will be spent manually keying. Manually keying the shirt definitely requires more precision than regular keying but I’m just happy there was a way to solve the green screen issue.

On top of the green screen keying that I’ll 100% be doing, I might be starting something new as well. I was told I’d be introduced to the more cinematic aspects soon, so hopefully that comes next week as well. I’m looking forward to doing more camera related work in Blender, and just things that help expand my knowledge of Blender.

The Movie That Broke My Heart

This week I watched Beaches (1989) for the first time. It is one of my mom’s favorite movies and I had never seen it, so we decided to watch. I fell in love with this movie instantly and was immediately invested. Before watching the movie, I did no research into what it was about, so as I watched I assumed some sort of romcom or feel good friendship film. The movie is so happy and cheerful and fun for most of the movie, even when things aren’t great for the characters there’s hope that things will go right. That’s what makes the final parts of the movie all the more devastating and why this is the movie that has most recently broken my heart.

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