Dev Log #3 – Ellie Sear

Last Week

Last week I worked on some edits for some of the Monster office furniture I was sketching for. I focused on having unconventional curving lines within the designs. I took inspiration from older European furniture and its imaginative silhouettes. Overall, I still wanted to create pieces that were equal parts functional and fashionable. The desk image to the left is inspired by my drawing desk at home.

This Week

This week I’ve turned in some art I was finishing up at the end of last week, including some lamp designs and desk drawings for the monster office characters and settings. 

Currently I’m working on a lot of different monster designs for the Dayquest project the co-ops are tackling. It’s out of my artistic comfort zone and because of my major I’m used to drawing people. But it’s good because it means I have to work harder on something new, which is always good for getting better overall.

Making up for lost Ghibli Time

I hadn’t watched any Studio Ghibli movies until last year, and now I’ve been catching up on a lot of them. I watched Totoro the other night and loved the simplistic yet heartwarming story. As always, I absolutely love the backgrounds and character designs!

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