Dev-Log #3 – Adriana Vasquez

Last Week Recap

If you remember my post last week, I discussed wanting to work on fixing a bug I found with the joke options that prevented me from selecting an answer. The good news is I figured out what the issue was. The bad news is that the error only occurred because I skipped the tutorial scene, which means I was attempting to fix an issue that didn’t exist. Unfortunate, but that’s how it is.

After that devastating experience, I took on new work developing a phone application for Dayquest, a task management tool with a fun fantasy twist. I drew up a wireframe filled with potential layout and design ideas as well as I wrote down possible core features to be included in the application. I actually had a lot of fun developing these ideas and drawing up the wireframe, albeit as I kept going, the more ambitious my drawings became. Nonetheless, the work was enjoyable, and I look forward to developing it further.

Upcoming Work

Based on how last week finished up, it seems I will be continuing my work with developing the Dayquest application. I have already begun creating a wireframe for the desktop version and have been working on writing up documentation for a rules/information page on how Dayquest’s different systems, like their point/monster system. 

From there, I imagine I’ll start putting my desktop wireframe to use and develop an MVP for the rules page, but that’s an assignment for later in the week. Until then, I am very excited about this Dayquest project – I can’t wait to see how it develops over the next few weeks.

Media Share

At the beginning of this year, I decided to pick up crocheting – I figured I needed a hobby that didn’t involve my phone or my tv. So far, I have only made one thing, and it’s still incomplete as it’s an unnecessarily large blanket. However, I finally decided to try making something else alongside my blanket to avoid getting burnt out. Enter plushie Haku. 

I started him on Tuesday, and I have been obsessed ever since. I am flying through his creation process and having a blast making him. I really have to give kudos to the creator because this is such a fun, well-explained tutorial – I doubt I’d be as obsessed with making this plush if it wasn’t for this excellent walkthrough. I hope I will be done with him by my next dev log – if I am, I will try to attach a picture! Until then, I will continue developing arthritis in my fingers as I try to finish him.

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