Dev Log #4 – Ellie Sear

Last Week

This past week I was working on a lot of sketches and drawings for the slime and goblin icons. Here you can see some of my original ideas and then some of the edits that were made.

Here’s some progress of my slime designs! I loved trying different shapes for the initial ideas.

Here’s some of my goblin designs. After receiving feedback on them, I then worked on creating a more dynamic pose for the final sketch.

This Week

This week I’ve been working on sketches for the troll, wolf, and owlbear icons. The wolf didn’t need any edits, and the troll only needed some polishing on the sketch. The owlbear needed a lot of edits, with different statures and features (which I am still editing).

Here are my initial sketches for the wolf and the troll icons.

Here are my owlbear drafts and designs!

Star Wars: Return to the Theaters

This week I went and saw Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in theaters which was really fun! Since I wasn’t alive when it was first in theaters, it was really cool to experience one of the original Star Wars movies on the big screen.

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