Dev Log #4 – Zakiyah Simmons

An Eventful Week

My weeks of keying became a little more fast pace, and interesting this week. Minus maybe one day, I did no keying this week, focusing more on clean up and set up. The footage that I keyed is for a 2-minute dance video that we needed a first draft of by Friday. This meant that we had a few days to set up and put together that draft.

First, I made a shot list using the clips that I had and the scenes that I knew we’d be using. The shot list consisted of the shot number, the scene being used and where, the dancer(s) in the video, the time stamps for the video, and any transitions that may have been done. After that, I set up the Premiere projects, which was pretty quick. Setting up a project is essentially organization. I made and organized folders based on the things I knew we needed for the project.

Next was Blender file clean up, this also wasn’t the most difficult. Clean up started with making sure textures were linked. After that was organizing collections so the camera, footage, and other composition elements. Finally was putting the keyed footage into all of the scene. This is where things became more fun because I was able to set up the shots I envisioned. From there I did test renders of the shots I fully set up and put them into Premiere for easy viewing.

Whatever the Future Brings

I don’t really know what this week will bring but I’ll throw out my best guesses. Guess one is definitely more keying. Although there is keyed footage in the first draft of the video there are places that may need to be cleaned up. I may also be going back to masking out the yellow shirt since that got put on pause for the draft. 

My second guess, which is closely related, would be more polish on the draft. Polishing the draft could mean a number things, including the keying I mentioned before. It could also be adjusting the shot list to expand on the original idea or any feedback. Testing shot angles or just making them more dynamic is another possibility. If there are no real changes to be made them polishing could also be doing full renders. Whatever the future brings, I’m sure it’ll be something! 

The Wait Has Ended (and Begun Again)

This week we got a new Well Equipped video! I don’t know what it is about watching Dan Formosa test, rate, and redesign kitchen gadgets, but it is PEAK content. I have watched every episode of Well Equipped and I am constantly hoping for a new episode. In this episode, Dan tests the Banana Loca, Snactiv, Fizz Cup, Turbo Trusser, and Pizza Pack. Despite my intense fascination with these videos and my poor spending habits, it is very rare that I am tempted to buy something after watching these and I have yet to make a purchase as a result. Now it is back to waiting anywhere from 3 months to a month for the next video because they’ve slowed down. </3

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