Celeste Callahan Dev Log # 4 – 5/3/23

Recap of 4/26-5/3

This past week I’ve officially gotten started working with Ray. My first task was drafting a creative pipeline, which I received some feedback on. Now I’m awaiting more tasks.

My other big task was taking a proposal to a client and turning it into a contract. It seemed daunting at first, but quickly enough I got a sense of how it should be put together.

The last thing to note from this past week was that I got promoted to bronze adventurer on Dayquest! On Tuesday Vince went over what came with that, and I’m excited to start getting even more points than I was before.

Plans for the coming week

Things are starting to pick up now with the difficulty and importance of the tasks I’m being assigned. I already had to move a bunch of things to the later part of this week to accommodate the contract I wrote, and soon I’ll be receiving more work from Ray that I’ll need to take into account. It’s a lot, but I’m learning a lot, which is helping me get a better sense of what I want to do career wise after college.

How am I already 1/5th through this game…?

I got Spider-Man: Miles Morales for my birthday and I’ve been loving it so far! It’s fairly different from the first game, especially when it comes to combat. The first game’s suit powers have been replaced with venom attacks, which are more fun personally for me to use. All of it is getting me really excited for Spider-Man 2 coming later this year!

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