Dev Log #1 – Zakiyah Simmons

First Week of Co-op

This first week of co-op was pretty calm, it was mostly just onboarding and making sure we all knew what we’d be doing and how things are supposed to operate. It seems that most of my work will be 3D art and video editing, I’m definitely looking forward to improving my skills. My most notable thing of the week was definitely starting to use Blender. It has been relatively easy to pick up and the workflow has been extremely efficient, but I’m still adjusting since I’m used to using Maya. On the onboarding side of things its been interesting getting into the flow of things and learning how different things operate. Airtable seems like it is going to be a super useful tool.

Next Week’s Plan

For the upcoming week I’ll be continuing through my blender tutorials. I’ll be finishing up my up donut as well as some other tutorials on UV-ing, texturing, and general asset creation. I think I’ll also be starting some editing things which is something I’m looking forward to. I enjoy editing and it’s something I’m comfortable with. The work breakdown for the next month seems really promising but at least for this upcoming week I’ll still be in a tutorial space.

Media Share – Barbie Movie

Most things in my life this week got quickly over shadowed by the release of two new movie trailers, one of which was the trailer for the Barbie movie. I’m a huge Barbie lover and an even bigger lover of all things pink. I watched the trailer more than once and looked at all of the images releases showing all the actors and what Barbie they play but I still couldn’t keep myself away from videos that analyze the trailer. There’s been a lot of discourse online regarding the cast but I’m super excited and thing that there’s a certain level of childlike innocence in the dialogue and look of the movie that is going to make it even better.

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