Dev-Log #2 – Ellie Sear

This Week

I designed some new clothes for one of the existing monster office characters who is a phoenix! I wanted to have a slightly more youthful and fun wardrobe for this character. For my previous gorgon I made a more mature set of garments, so I wanted to switch it up.

I also designed some more clothes for the minotaur character as well. In their design I saw some more ‘western American’ inspired elements so I utilized that in my clothing designs.

I also worked on redesigning some of the office chairs I had drawn last week, focusing on making them seem more monstrous. For me this meant including more tufting on the upholstery and some fun claw-like details.


I know I’ll be doing some redesign on the monster office furniture I’m currently working on, as it moves through drafts and edits. Here are the current versions of some more furniture I’ve been working on:

I don’t have a lot of other upcoming work that I’m aware of, but I know I’ll be working on some more graphic design related projects. I actually haven’t used Canva before, so in preparation I did some tutorials and practice work so I can be ready for the projects I may receive.

Video Game Interlude

I realized I had some free time and wanted to try out one of the games I had gotten for free on Epic (as they do weekly free games). I played through Alba: a Wildlife Adventure and had a lovely time with it! It was a really peaceful game, it’s all about this kid visiting their grandparents for a week, with lots of environmentalism, wildlife education, and conservation. I had a great time with it and it reminded me a lot of the wonderful travels I’ve been on and how cool a lot of different corners of the world are.

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