Dev-Log #2 Kamilla Akhmedova

Last Week Recap

This week Vince and me was working on Linked in account and Chat GPT course launch pipeline. Also, I was working with GetIyBelly on Marketing courses and was assigned to read chapters 1-5 on how to find a course topic. I’m still trying to learn more about the marketing process because I’ve never done it before.

My main focus of study is game design, but it’s so interesting to learn how marketing and distribution influence a gaming company

Upcoming week

I’m upcoming week I want to focus on engineering articles and social media posts, and I’ll use chat GPT to help me out on that In addition, I want to explore social media DVNC have to use it in the future for the projects.

Also, I have to creat some posts and banners for the chat GPT course and DVNC as well, so I’ll start on creating them in Canvas. I’m very exited for that part of the project because it’s a creative part of the project

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