Dev-Log #3 Kamilla Akhmedova

Last Week Recap

Last week I was mostly working on my articles for prompt engineering. It was pretty interesting to explore new topic. Also, I used chat GPT for the first time really and it was amazing how fast and intelligent it can work and explain things; it wrote 25 social media post in no time. Moreover, I was exploring Canvas for my posters and banners. I’ve created some drafts for chat GPT in Canvas yet it has to be corrected. Lastly, I finished my chapters for the marketing course

Upcoming Work

In upcoming week I want to focus on Canvas and create more posts about chat GPT and DVNV. Mailchimp is my second goal, because I want to explore the program and set it up properly. Also, I will start working on other stuff like getting links to the other social media and creating a lead magnet such as a free eBook or a checklist related to the course topic. I’m still in the process of setting up the course but hopefully I’ll move on to the next step which is finding partners and outlets to distribute the course. Lastly, exiting news! I was put to do a VR showcase

Media share

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