Dev Log #5 – Ellie Sear

This Week

This week saw me finishing up a few of my Dayquest project drawings, including working on the line art and coloring for the goblin and slime characters.

Other Dayquest project characters with progress are the owlbear, troll, and wolf! I’ve completed the line art for the three of them and will be coloring them next.

Upcoming Work

I’ve started to work on the Metro TechU Roblox & Code curriculum for an upcoming course to try and get Elementary and early Middle Schoolers interested in game development. So far it’s interesting, especially since I’ve never played Roblox before so it’s definitely unfamiliar territory. But in high school my jobs involved teaching children so hopefully I will have some good insight.

I’ve also got some extra art projects involving the Dayquest logo as well as a thumbnail for a 2D art course based on a diagram I made for drawing mushrooms in the Village art style.

Continuing my Ghibli Journey

Recently I watched Kiki’s Delivery Service for the first time, and I loved it. The aesthetics, characters, and story of this movie really resonated with me and it quickly became one of my favorite Ghibli movies I’ve seen. I would also love to live in her house from the beginning of the movie.

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