Celeste Callahan Dev Log #5 – 5/10/2023

Recap of 5/3-5/10

This week I’ve been getting even more involved with big projects. I’ve been helping Vince out more with the client contract from last week, and most exciting of all, I’ve been assigned to work heavily on the Dayquest app! The client contract is under NDA so I can’t say much about it, but I will be going into detail about my work on Dayquest.

Dayquest is a system we’re using at DVNC that to gamify our work. As someone with ADHD, I can testify that it’s done wonders keeping me on task and organized, and I’m excited to see it go from a spreadsheet setup to a full app that anyone can use!

There’s a good deal of reading I’ve been assigned. Lots of documentation on plans for the app, be it features, the narrative of it or the marketing strategy.

I’m also working on testing the app. I’ve gotten a look at it myself, and I’m also recruiting people I know to help test it. I’ve already had some testing experience from some of my classes, and I’m also reviewing some resources from previous DVNC tests to get myself ready to test administer tests.

Now the part I’m most excited about, the writing! I’ve been tasked with writing the narrative for Dayquest! While using the app, users will unlock the story and see it progress as they rank up as a Dayquest adventurer. I’m super proud of the summary I’ve written for this and am excited to see where it goes and how it gets implemented into the app!

Plans for the coming week

This week is going to be big on Dayquest work. Once I’ve got my testers gathered I will begin with that, and I’ll be continuing even more on the story. Once the summary is fully approved, I’ll proceed on to a beat sheet, then a story board, then iron out some details and finally write a full script.

A few other things, I’ve been talking with some writers from The Village and will be writing a blog post for a series of blogs they’re working on. Mine will be on brand engagement, and I’m sure it will be extremely educational for both myself and the readers. I will also begin work writing another DVNC monster mascot. I wrote before about the fairy, and next up I’ll begin work on the Phoenix. It’s been a lot of fun writing these characters and I’m really excited to see where it goes next!

S’all Good, Man!

This week I’ve been watching a lot of Better Call Saul. Last July I finished Breaking Bad and immediately started Better Call Saul. Like Breaking Bad, I’ve been watching it on and off, but this time I watched straight from halfway through season 3 to episode 4 of season 5 so I might just binge to the end. Saul Goodman was my favorite character in Breaking Bad so this show has been so much fun to watch, and now that he’s finally gone from Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman, it’s been getting really fun (not that it wasn’t already fun).

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