Dev-Log #5 – Adriana Vasquez

Last Week Recap

Unfortunately, there isn’t much for me to recap from last week as I discussed most of my work in my previous dev-log. Plus, I had to end the week early as I went out of town on Friday, so my progress was limited. Thus, I am left with nothing to recap besides the fact I completed the MVP for both the ranks page and the rules page. After I completed those items, my week became simply updating my documentation, updating previous dev-logs, and starting to read the Pixel Crushers dialogue system quickstart.

Upcoming Work

Since I completed my major tasks for this past sprint, I’ve kind of just been beep-boppin’ around this week. I mean, I’ve been a bit productive, like I did some minor bug fixes for Monochrome, and I’ve been reading through the Pixel Crushers dialogue system to prepare for my next sprint task, but I can’t say I’ve been doing anything as involved as I had been the past few weeks.

However, I believe we will be moving into our next set of tasks here soon, so I doubt I will be beep-boopin’ around for much longer. Especially as I now have to write up and program the narrative menu for Dayquest. It is supposed to be a basic page that introduces the player to the Dayquest adventure, similar to Pokémon games and their intros: immersive but concise. Honestly, I’m pretty excited, though I say that about everything. Still, I used to love writing and would do it frequently in high school, so being able to bring that skill back is something I’m looking forward to.

Media Share

Is it weird that this is my third time talking about Star Wars for my media share? Possibly, but if it’s worth anything, I mostly want to gush about the animation. Now, while I enjoyed the first season of Visions, I found it rather forgettable, and the lack of style/medium variety made the episodes run together. However, this season had far more expressive stories with a much wider range of animation styles. I mean, they had the studio that did Wallace and Gromit! And that wasn’t even the only episode to feature claymation/stop-motion animation!

I love seeing animation studios that break out of that Pixar Look, and Visions Season 2 is filled with animation studios that do just that. Furthermore, each studio finds such a creative way to express the Star Wars universe, like the first episode had lightsabers portrayed with brush strokes, and it looked beautiful! I hope that Visions keeps with this pattern and continues to find more studios that push the bounds of animation, especially if it means we get more seasons like this one.

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