Dev-Log #4 Kamilla Akhmedova

Last week Recap

Last week I was working and researching free materials for chatGPT. So the choice was between an eBook and a Checklist. I chose to create a nice checklist for people on how to use ChatGPT. It took me a while to explore it myself and the frat template in Canva.

Also, Vince and I went went over the marketing plan, discussing some tasks that have to be done in detail. And we went over Canva and how to make better posters in style of DVNC tech. The most exciting thing was is that I was assigned to do VR shows and work on the Roblox project with Nick. Those two areas are pretty new to me but I’m very exited to start the projects.

In conclusion, I started exploring Mailchimp for the future use and was assigned to watch educational tutorials on how to properly use MailChimp and creat an audience in there.

Upcoming Work

For the upcoming week I will focus on learning Mailchimp and watch tutorial videos one by one. Then I’ll start working on the actual website. Then, I’ll take a look on DVNC social platforms to see how I can use it as well.

I’ll fix some minor issues with the checklist for ChatGPT and create at least 5 to 10 posters in style of DVNC tech

In addition, I will text Nick about the upcoming project and set up the meeting to go over the project plan

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