Dev-Log #6 – Adriana Vasquez

Last Week Recap

Last week was filled with many long hours on the train, where I was thankfully able to get quite a bit of work done. I was able to get the Dayquest Narrative researched and outlined as well as I began programming the scene in Unity. Initially, I had the story displayed as a wall of text in the MVP of Dayquest. After some clarification, I realized I needed to make it more of an interactive text box for users to click through, as is typical for character dialogue within games. So, I left my week off with me beginning to make the dialogue into interactive text, which I have become slightly more comfortable with since starting my co-op.

Upcoming Work

At the beginning of this week, I finished my first draft of the Dayquest narrative, and after a brief co-op meeting, I left with enough edits to start my second draft. According to the meeting, I had made the intro too big picture – the adventurer came off as this great chosen one instead of just a regular player. Thus, I have begun rewriting the narrative to make it more local to the adventurer and make helping Dayquest’s Veronna feel less like this daunting task.

Besides that, as I mentioned in the recap, I have also been working on fixing the narrative scene in Unity. I currently have the basic layout, but I hope that by mid-week, I’ll have the full scene completed with the text fully implemented. Albeit, I am still rather weak when it comes to implementing details like that, and although I’ve read the manual, I have yet to put the readings into practice. However, I am sure that with enough bug-fixing, I will be able to meet my deadline and then be free to move on to my next Dayquest task.

Media Share

IT’S HERE!! IT’S FINALLY HERE!! I am so unbelievably excited about this movie – it’s almost embarrassing. It’s just that I’ve waited ages for this, and now that it’s finally here, I don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t know what else I could even say in this media share – I am simply too hyped to form coherent thoughts and opinions. Maybe when a full trailer releases, I’ll be able to express my thoughts more clearly, but right now, I will have to settle for incoherent babbling.

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