Dev Log #6 – Ellie Sear

This Week

This week I did some more work on my Dayquest monster drawings, including the wolf, owlbear, and troll. They will probably need another edit, but they’re mostly complete at this point.

I’ve also been working on the curriculum for the upcoming Roblox and Coding class that DVNC is working on. It’s been interesting, as I’ve been working on things I’m unfamiliar with, so it’s a good learning experience.

I’ve also been working on some 2D art tutorials in the Village style. These serve as art tests for new artists in the community.


Moving forwards, I’ll be doing more tutorials for different characters from different popular pieces of media. Right now I’m working on two characters from the show Owl House. Here’s an in-progress look at my tutorial for Amity that I’m working on:

For those interested in the planet…

As a newly realized nature nerd, I love watching nature documentaries (specifically national parks or ocean-related ones). I had been meaning to watch this show and finally got to it, and it was lovely! I especially enjoyed the Chilean Patagonia episode which was a stretch of parks I didn’t know much about previously.

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