Dev-Log 01 – Joshua Walcott

Yay! My first devlog! I’ve been gone for a while due to medical issues and haven’t been able to post a devlog yet. Up until this point, it’s mainly been Monochrome debugging. I’m glad that the diversity and amount of tasks have both gone up.

Last Week Recap

While previously assigned to Monochrome debugging and Dayquest Ranks (assigned to someone else due to absence), my most recent task has been designing the Dungeon, Rooms, and Monsters functionality for Dayquest Desktop. It’s nice to have a design role in the Dayquest application, in addition to programming.

Upcoming Work

Besides Monochrome debugging, I have three big projects that I’m working on.

The first is the aforementioned Dayquest Dungeons. I’m close to finishing the first draft of the megadoc.

The second is to create ChatGPT generated web development courses. My experience with ChatGPT and AI in general is low, so this will be a good learning experience for me.

The final is testing out the DVNC art tutorials. The first was a success, and I’m excited to (attempt to) draw characters this time around.

Media Share

I’d like to take this opportunity to share some game design resources
that I use when making my own games. This first one perhaps needs no
introduction. Masahiro Sakurai is an acclaimed game designer,
responsible for the early Kirby games, the Super Smash Bros. games, and
Kid Icarus: Uprising. What you might not know is that Mr. Sakurai
started a YouTube channel mid-2022 and has been posting everything from
design decisions for past projects, the inner workings of games, and
general game design knowledge. If you’re an aspiring game designer, I would highly recommend subscribing to Mr. Sakurai’s channel.

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