What is DVNC Tech?

We are a creative studio formed by four creators and developers. Our passion lies in making content surrounding new media and cutting-edge technology.  We believe in STEAM-based education, quality entertainment, and software that benefits society.

What are DVNC’s Goals?

  1. We see what we create as our perspective on life, and we want to share these perspectives and experiences with as many people as possible.
  2. We want to make a place for our audience to escape whether that’s through helping our followers with their hobbies (game development, gaming, cross reality app development, or even cooking)
  3. We want to revolutionize the way games are experienced at both the social and personal levels. Creating experiential worlds that players can dive into and become a part of.

What are DVNC’s Current Projects?

  • Fight or Flight (Arcade Action Game)
  • Magigunner (Third Person RPG)
  • Youtube Channel
  • DVNC Blog

What does DVNC stand for?

The DVNC name (pronounced “deviancy”) was made by combining the first initials of all of the founding members. It took us a while to come up with, but after a few weeks of moving letters around, we found DVNC.