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Over 28 days you'll meet with mentors, create content with DVNC, and grow your following alongside peers

Join us on a 28-day brand building journey! Learn to create engaging content, develop an effective strategy, and grow your brand’s following. Gain the knowledge needed for a successful and profitable brand. By the end of the program, you’ll have taken your brand to a new level.


Build Your Base Brand

Craft your unique relatable brand, build your narrative around it, and create effective marketing materials.

Find Your Audience

Define your target audience, engage your targets, and use analytics to optimize your performance.

Begin Growing a Following

Improve your brand’s reach, build and grow your social profiles, and talk with your following about your brand.

Brand Case Studies

Monochrome RPG

A 1920s cartoon adventure following a shy non-binary toon as they must take to the stage performing theatre moves, entertaining enemies, and building an acting troupe of diverse toons in order to overcome the perils that face them on their journey.


  • 50,000 social followers
  • $15,000 Kickstarter pre-sales
  • 3+ key platform partnerships (millions in reach)

It Takes a Village

DVNC’s Village is a a collaboration system for brands to leverage the creativity and skills of digital content creators to build out their brand, marketing, and sales content such as logos, language, imagery, videos, or even websites, blogs, online stores, and more!


  • 3,000 creative applicants
  • 300+ creators who have participated
  • $30,000+ paid to creators
  • 1,000+ creatives assets made

Ready to Grow Your Brand?

$5,000 of Value

Only $1,500 One Time

Purchasing a $1,500 brand building program is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. It will provide you with invaluable learnings on such as branding kits, brand language, social profiles, and marketing strategies that will help you to build a strong, recognizable brand that will stand out from the competition and benefit your activities for years to come.

What You'll Have Access To

By providing mentorship, workshops, projects, creative assistance, plus learning and post-program support This brand-building accelerator helps brand owners create and grow a successful brand by providing access to the resources and expertise they need to achieve their goals.


Collaborative Projects

Creative Assistant

Learning Support



Creative Team

Post Accelerator Support

What We'll Help Make

$5,000+ of Value

Brand Purpose Doc

$250 Value

Brand Visuals Kit

$1000 Value

Brand Identity Profile

$250 Value

3 Social Profiles

$500 Value

Audience Research

$250 Value

Social Media Kit

$1000 Value

Brand Strategy

$1000 Value

Brand Analytics & Goals

$1000 Value

Our Referral Program

33% on All Referred Learners (Over $400 per Referral)

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Start creating engaging content, developing an effective strategy, and growing your brand’s following today!

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