DVNC Client Terms


Invoicing: DVNC Tech LLC shall provide an invoice to, the Client, with payment details. Payment to DVNC Tech LLC shall happen no later than 15-days after the dates listed on invoice. Client will process the payment directly through DVNC’s invoicing system.

Expenses: If there are additional expenses related to website hosting, print purchasing, etc your contact will let you know prior to any purchases.


This Agreement shall last from the date decided upon based on the invoice. The Client may terminate this Agreement for any reason by giving formal notice to DVNC Tech LLC either via email, text message, or instant messaging platform. Upon such notice of termination, DVNC Tech LLC will stop all work and provide the client with deliverables in the state they are in. If needed, DVNC Tech LLC may withhold any deliverables pursuant to the Services until such payment is made in full.


The Client may request that changes be made to the specifications, or other aspects of the Agreement and tasks associated thereto. If the Client requests such a change, DVNC Tech LLC will use its best efforts to implement the requested change at no additional expense to the Client. In the event that the proposed change will, in the sole discretion of DVNC Tech LLC, require a delay in the delivery of services or would result in additional expense to the Client, then the Client and DVNC Tech LLC shall confer. After conferring, the Client shall notify DVNC Tech LLC either to withdraw the proposed change or require DVNC Tech LLC to deliver the proposed change and be subject to the delay and/or additional expense.


The Client shall be the owner of all rights, titles, and interests in any intellectual property in the materials delivered. The Services shall be deemed a Work Made For Hire in accordance with the Copyright Act, as amended from time to time. DVNC Tech LLC acknowledges and agrees that the deliverables will contain valuable proprietary rights and disclaims all rights in such rights. DVNC Tech LLC hereby assigns to the Client without further compensation all of its rights, titles, and interests in the deliverables not including any prior contractual agreements except for the ability to showcase the finished work and a case study of work done on a public portfolio website.


DVNC Tech LLC warrants and represents that it will not knowingly violate the intellectual property rights of any third party in its performance of the Services. The Client warrants and represents that any content provided to DVNC Tech LLC to facilitate the performance of the Services shall not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party and shall indemnify DVNC Tech LLC against any claim that results from the provision of such allegedly infringing content.


DVNC Tech LLC may modify these terms at any time. Before being subject to modified terms the Client will be notified and will have 7 days to verify their rejection of the modified terms before automatically being subject to the updated terms.


This Agreement shall be construed with and governed by the substantive laws of the state of Pennsylvania. Should any claim or controversy arise between the Parties under the terms of this Agreement, such claim or controversy shall be resolved only in the state or federal courts located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and said state and federal courts shall be the only appropriate jurisdiction and venue for such claim or controversy.