Pawnee Harvest Festival 2019

Happening in the Pawnee Park from

August 16-18, Everyday 10am-6pm

Pawnee Park 111 Pawnee Lane Pawnee, Indiana 11111

Ready for the 2019 edition of Pawnee’s famous Harvest Festival?

Tons of different family activities, catered meals every day of the festival, and come to try a variety of rides ranging from thrilling to terrifying.

Family Activites

Bring the family and participate in various activities ranging from soccer and baseball games to races and obstacles courses. A bunch of different activities for every member of the family to join in.

Free Food

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Harvest Festival's Sponsors a variety of catered meals will be spread out during every day of the Harvest Festival. Love Pawnee food? Then there's no better place to be!

Fun Festival Rides

Ready to be thrilled, terrified, and more? Visit the Harvest Festival during any of the evening events, starting everyday at 4pm, to try a variety of different festival rides and carnival games!

Now You’re ready for the 2019 edition of Pawnee’s famous Harvest Festival!


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