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While DVNC is always searching for contracts related to different mediums and forms of entertainment (VR experiences, AR/Mobile games, and websites) the team also spends their spare time working on different interactive projects.


Magigunner is a local co-op experience where players play as magic users who channel their spells through staffs which transform into guns and glyphs which can turn into explosive and supportive objects. Players will create their character and learn new spells as they run through instanced zones killing waves of enemies, saving villages, and completing quests for the kingdom.
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Fight or Flight

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Daye Kassie

A Computer Science student at Drexel University with vast interests ranging from software engineering, graphic design, virtual reality, 3D modeling, and making music only scratch the surface of our hero today. A hero, disguised behind glasses and facial hair, Daye Kassie has been passionate about technology since he has been able to use a computer. The mix of the challenging puzzle that is programming and the immense potential for technological discovery has sent him down the path of a definite career choice involving computers and, as an altruist and futurist, the way that they can help people.

Vince Quarles


Vince Quarles is a Drexel Student (graduating 2018) studying Interactive Digital Media. He spends most of his time programming in Unity3D working on a variety of VR, AR, and PC games. When he’s deep inside of a scene in Unity he spends his time dancing around Philadelphia hunting down local delicacies.

Nick Leffler


I am a Senior at Drexel University in the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design. I am majoring in Game Art and Production. Drexel University’s game production program covers many aspects of game design, from 3D modeling, animation, and design. At Drexel, I am working on gaining as many skills as I can while building a strong professional network. I want to make unique and engaging experiences, whether it’s virtual reality, augmented reality, or something more traditional. I’ve had a great opportunity to co-op for Skyless Game Studios, a Philadelphia indie studio focusing on games-for-change. I’m always looking to expand my skills.

Cris VelasquezIMG_4816.JPG

I feel like I wouldn’t be true to myself if I said I want to do anything other than make people happy. Throughout my whole life, it’s been something I enjoy doing when blessed with the opportunity. I chose the route of video game development to achieve my dream. My dream is to share – with you, anyone, and everyone – beautiful and magical experiences. I strive every day to solve this one lingering problem in my mind. I challenge myself to search for different solutions to making people happy.

(I’m a sucker for smiles)

Smell you later,