SuperHero In Training

SuperHero in Training is a Heroic VR Action Platformer Currently in Development! Download the game on or join the mailing list. 

The Intergalactic League of Superheroes has never before seen humans as potential candidates to join their ranks. For the first time, thanks to the recent development of mankind’s own Hero Gear, the ILS is allowing humans to train to become heroes. Can you beat their training courses, become the #1 candidate, and earn the right to become the first human hero?

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Hero Gear Technology

With the recent advancement of the Anti-Force suit and EQ gauntlets, at long last humans have a seat at the table of the universe’s renowned ILS and their prestigious training facilities.


The ILS coordinates with league training facilities spanning the whole galaxy, where each planet is used to its fullest terrains to train heroes.


Training consists of completing the ILS’s obstacle courses with the use of the newly standard issue EQ Gauntlets. Clear these courses in record time and launch yourself into the ILS spotlight. Receiving a commendation from the higher-ups at the ILS is no easy task for a hero in training, especially a human.

SuperHero in Training

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