DVNC Intern Log Week 15 – Back at the Loco Mart – Isabella Haro

I Live in a Supermarket Parking Lot

After a month pause, it appears that my arch-nemesis and begrudging lover has returned: the supermarket environment. It was a long and laborious process to create it in Unity, but little did I know that it was but the beginning.

Unity? More like DIVISION. Here I am, back at it again but this time in Blender. It has been a quicker process for sure this time around, as I have reference and knowledge that I had certainly lacked my first go around. But there is always something to tweak, always something to learn, and always something to break. Ahh, don’t you love the sound of the internal computer fans in the morning? Working on these projects has made me realize that my previously-perceived high performance gaming laptop is no better than dirt beneath my shoes.

And what is next? Behold: the Future of my 3D modeling career. *Organic*. I asked yo model people, but alas- I will settle for the rocks. To be fair, we have DAZ 3D for people, right? Hahah? haha…

My current predicament- normal maps! I am trying to master the art of illusion in blender and unfortunately I have never been a very good magician. Perhaps one day I will render a normal map correctly enough for it to work! If not, mom and dad were right about this game design degree.

And that’s all! Winding down the co-op with some more modeling and learning texture painting as well. All learning. Never stop learning, the brain becomes absolutely thicc and massive. My brain has never been so juicy! It’s 4:13 AM EST help me haha


Media for the week: just go on TikTok guys that’s how I spend all my time anyways.

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