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“fresh and awesome”

Not only it’s the first intern I’ve ever had, but also the first time working in the industry. First week was awesome. Everyone was extremely chill and nice, while being super patient and helped me go over everything. Also realized how awesome my job could be, with all the tasks I’ve had so far, I enjoyed doing them a lot, definitely made my put all my passions into them. It was also very exciting for me to develop Monochrome with the crew and see how much I can possibly contribute to the game, cannot wait for that xD

“getting started from here”

First time doing project management job, Vince gave me an awesome preview of everything I need to know and learn. By organizing everything so detailed, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought to dive into the tasks. Definitely learned more tools (all the websites and software that helped the game development in general), as well as read some essential documentations for the project. By doing that, I had a better understanding for the design process for sure, and had a clearer idea of what I should be doing, or what I need to do in the future in order to help and communicate with the team.

what did I do & what will I do

This week, I first had couple of meetings with the team, started to know the basic process for my job routine. Then I read the RPG scripts, project flow and project plan, also gave feedback to the game. This was probably the first time for me to read professional game design documents, and it refreshed a lot of thoughts I had before.

For the coming week, I’ll be having more meetings with the team, as well as Lilly; meanwhile I’ll be revising some of the documents and giving some feedback. Then I’ll be reading the art and story bible, start actually working with Basecamp, playtesting the game then list some tasks for later.

interesting stuff recently

It Takes Two | PC Origin Game | Fanatical
co-op game by Hazelight Studio

I’ve been reading reviews about this game recently, it’s made by the same studio which designed the game A Way Out (personally I like this game A LOT), so probably gonna try it soon since all the feedback looks pretty solid to me.

Reversal of Fortune - Wikipedia
movie Reversal of Fortune, directed by Barbet Schroeder, 1990

Also watched this movie, pretty interesting plot, worthy to spend some time watching it.

Plot (I’m too lazy to write it so this is copy and paste from Wikipedia):

The story is narrated by Sunny von Bülow, who is in a coma after falling into diabetic shock after a Christmas party. Her husband, the dissolute European aristocrat Claus von Bülow, is charged with attempting to murder the hypoglycemic Sunny by giving her an overdose of insulin. Claus’s strained relationship with his wife and his cold and haughty personal demeanor led most people to conclude that he is guilty. In need of an innovative defense, Claus turns to law professor Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz is initially convinced of Claus’s guilt, but takes the case because von Bülow agrees to fund Dershowitz’s defense of two poor black boys accused of capital murder. Employing his law students as workers, Dershowitz proceeds to defend Claus, wrestling with his client’s unnerving personal style and questions of von Bülow’s guilt or innocence.

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