Dev-Log #14 – Nhut Do – Landing Page

What’s Been Going On

2 Landing Pages?

     So for this week, I had a change of pace in terms of what I was working on. I had finished updated portion of the workbook just  last week so as that was getting looked at for review, I moved on to another project. I was tasked to just draft up design for a landing page for the Game Design Workbook I’m working on. Seems pretty straightforward so I went on and began doing so. But for some reason I had blended up the words and lines of my list of tasks to do in my head. And so instead of creating a landing page for the workbook, I made one for Snak3.

     So I spent a little of my time working on the Landing page design and it just so turns out that I accidently mixed up the tasks in my head. Despite it not being what I was supposed to initially do, I still think the outcome was really nice. I didn’t really have much to work off of in terms of the style so I just winged it. In hindsight, it made no sense for me to be working on it but it turned out pretty fortunate as Sean can actually utilize that design somehow if he so chooses to do so for his part of the task. Whether or not it’s used, it’s a cute little piece that was fun to work on.

     After realizing my mistake, I switched gears and got to working on the actual landing page for the workbook. It was lot faster this time since I had already done my research on landing pages. Most of the time was spent on coming up with the content then playing and refining the design. Opposite to the Snak3 page, I went for a more modern and abstract approach to the website and I think it came out really good. Everything is of course still subject to change since it’s only a draft. Playing around with the content to see what is necessary or not is definitely one of the things that need change.

     As for the design itself, I wasn’t really sure where to go at first other than modern and abstract using the current DVNC color theme. I just worked top to bottom placing in shapes and text walls to block in space to see how to visualize it. As with any other designs I do, there was a lot of playing and trial and error. Seeing what worked and what didn’t. I also had a problem that I usually end up doing with a lot of things and that is adding too much. Since I was just blocking out, I was adding a lot of things and trying to making things work but they always ended up being too cluttered or messy. So I cleared things up and tried to stick to the cleanliness and mostly empty idea of modern and abstract. I think I wound up with a healthy balance.

What’s Next

     Back to the workbook, I’ll be updating what I can now beginning with the Production Section of the workbook. The Pre-Production section should be in a state now where things can start to be filled in. Next on the agenda is working on and refining this draft of the landing page. I’ll probably be jumping into making the actual website or designing the sub-sites. And then on the back runner is the DVNC website update – that is still being shown some love whenever I have the time.

This Week’s Media


This game has been out for a bit now but I’ve been playing it for a little bit lately. It’s a tile building sandbox game and the goal is to score as many points as possible with a limited number of tiles. You can acquire some extra tiles by completing some tile quests. The game is relatively simple yet quite strategical and it’s honestly a really cool and relaxing game to play. One reason I really like it is because it’s very similar to Carcassonne, which is one of my all time favorite board games.


If you haven’t heard of Cool3DWorld, good for you, it’d be better if you didn’t.

Jokes aside, this channel is one of the weirdest yet one of my favorite channels I follow though they post rarely. So this video has snuck back into my recommended and it just reminded me of how much I just love this. On the one hand with first impressions, this is the weirdest and most disgusting thing ever yet I somehow enjoy it. I honestly just respect this guy’s work since there really isn’t anything like it on the internet, as far as I’ve seen. The videos make no sense but who knows, there may be some undertones there but who watches these for that. Whatever these imaginative pieces mean, they are pieces of art. No one can change my mind.

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