Dev Log #5 Neil Duan

This Week

I fixed the battle wheel problem in which the player couldn’t select the moves using the keyboard after the first round of the bout. I thought I would need to redo lots of the codes, but luckily Ork gives a lot of flexibility, and I only needed to add on to the existing code. Now the player can use the keyboard during the entire bout.

Besides the other small bugs I fixed, one of the major things I did was fixing the Moonwalking Creeper on the first floor. I took some time learning how animation works, then when I was trying to fix the Moonwalking bug, I found that the creeper also teleports randomly. The teleportation problem turned out caused by the wrong settings in the prefab, so I had to leave this task off until the prefab is fixed.

I also started to make the Gackle Bout Test Scene. The goal is to be able to enter the Gackle Bout right after the player enters the game. At first, I thought it would be an easy task; however, I discovered some bugs in the Gackle fight that causes the Gackle to make some unexpected moves. I’ll have to fix those to make the scene work.

Next Week

So far the thing I’m sure I’ll be doing is continuing working on the Gackle Bout Test Scene. There is still some work left. Other than that, since there are still some places in the Otto’s House Scene that needs improvements or fixings, I assume I’ll be working on those again in the next week.


I watched the first one of Pirates of the Caribbean this week. Johnny Depp just got lots of my attention due to the recent news about him. The videos of the court recording are everywhere on YouTube even though I’ve never watched anything related to that. Anyways, it’s a great movie. Johnny Depp is a great actor without a doubt; he gives Jack Sparrow this character the exact personality it needs.

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