Dev Blog #4 – Luca Ruggeri

Last Week

I continued to struggle with Xsolla support through the week/weekend. I was facing a problem with the callback url in the microtransaction addon I was trying to implement in my own Unity project. After I felt I exhausted my resources, I told Vince about the problems I was facing, and it turns out that he dealt with the same error as I did!

This is the signup screen I was working on! It connected to Xsolla servers!

This Week

Instead of Xsolla, I will be working with lootlocker! It is another game-monetization service. I am going to work on getting it implemented in my own personal project before moving on to Rosett!


Chainsawman released with a new, original theme! I really like it, I have been listening to it on repeat. Here it is!

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